Danny ‘Black Angus’ Hulbert memorialized (Video)

Danny "Black Angus" Hulbert

“All to often, we tend to always feature prominent and well-known artists, over not-so-well-known artists, when they pass away. So, many of these unknown talents go, long before the world is able to catch-up, and recognize them for their true artistry and the contributions they left behind. Danny “BLACK ANGUS” Hulbert is one of those incredible souls, who became a well-known blues guitarist in the San Diego/Escondido music scene. The Rockin’ Rag pays tribute to him, with this exclusive coverage of his “Celebration of Life” at 5 Points Bar in Escondido, CA, where he was a native.”

— Olivia Tosic, The Rockin Rag


Danny “Black Angus” Hulbert died at his home on Sept. 12 leaving a gigantic musical void around Escondido. A native of Escondido, he graduated from Escondido High School and attended Palomar College.

An official obituary said, “Danny was a generous and friendly person and will be greatly missed by his many friends and family. He is survived by three sisters and a devoted companion.”

A Facebook page has been set up to give folks an opportunity to gather together in Danny’s memory. It’s at https://www.facebook.com/events/491286304383214.