It’s Ukulele Ray’s Birthday! Get crunked.

Ukulele Ray makes his way through the crowd at NAMM Show 2012 in Anaheim, CA./Flickr

Ukulele Ray with The Rockin’ Rag’s RocknRolivia at NAMM Show 2013 in Anaheim, CA./Flickr

Today is a day that lives in showmance-famy. This marks the birthday of an Escondido musical legend, Ukulele Ray Masters.

Escondido’s Ukulele Ray was a man of many faces, many names and many talents, always entertaining and many time surprising. Scroll down the right sidebar and you’ll see some of his “Only in Esco” cartoons he drew for The Escondido Grapevine.

Sharry R. Han, 58, Escondido CA., better known as Ray Masters or Ukulele  passed away on Friday, April 6, 2018 with his fiancé and her mother by his side. He was born on February 17, 1960 in San Francisco, California.

Ray was an extremely talented soul, blessed in every way with entertainment in his blood.  He became a Chippendale exotic dancer sometime after high school, and then joined the United States Navy to serve his country.  He was a Navy Journalist during his 3 year Navy career.  He also was the creator of a very popular cartoon known as “Navy Beans” on the ship, which was one of many of his works while in the service.

Ray often played the guitar while in the Navy, but had an immense love for the ukulele (The Instrument of Love).  Soon after the military, Ray and Maria De Leon Han started an advertising/marketing company which became very successful for a number of years.

Ray was very passionate and so well rounded in every area of entertainment.  He was successful in many aspect of the business including:  Tap Dancer, Exotic Dancer, Guitar Player, Syndicated Cartoonist, Book Author, Voice Over Impersonator, Comedian, Excellent Publicist, Videographer and Cinematographer, He had his own Las Vegas Show, Singer and World Renown Ukulele Player.

Ray had so many talents and skills, he was the creator of the “Lunch Box Ukulele”, and license plate, cigar-box Ukes.  You often found him working on these projects for many of his friends and fans.

Ray had a diverse group of friends, including George Harrison of “The Beatles”, Drummer Alvin Taylor, Musician Fou Fou the Drummer from the movie “La La Land”, Musician Riki Hendrix and so many more.

Ray was survived by:

Fiancé Olivia Tosic and her extended family.

Maria De Leon Han

Son Brandon Alexander Han, Raymond Acosta

Daughter Stefanie Tucker

Grandchildren Elijah James, Hendrix Kal, Aubriana Rose

Siblings Deborah M. Han, Edward C. Han Sr. (Lorri) and eight children and ten grandchildren

David D. Han (Karen)

Rochelle McCraw (Allen) and three children

Ukulele Ray is also survived by numerous friends and fans around the world.

Ukulele Ray on music video shoot on Santa Cruz Boardwalk./Facebook

For more about and from Ukulele Ray, visit Facebook’s Ray Masters Page and Ukulele Ray’s Page, as well as Ray’s YoutTube Channel.

People who BATHE together…SAVE Together

Ukulele Ray does his bit to save water/File

(Editor’s Note: The following includes some of Ray’s work during the 2015 drought crisis and other musical treats…)

In light of the drought, Escondido native Ukulele Ray encourages people to conserve water by bathing and showering together in this comedy satire from the 60’s classic TV show, “Petticoat Junction.” The TV show was actually based on a farming community in the Central Valley of California, where they’ve been hit the hardest. Yes, there really is a “PIXLEY!” — Ukulele Ray

There are public service announcements and then there are UKULELE RAY’S PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Ukulele Ray this year turned his attention to a challenge confronting all Californians, the big bad drought.

Yeah, it’s been raining a bit and a big El Nino is threatened, but so many years without much water have created a no-win scenario. Like it’s going to rain a lot, but people will continue to need to conserve, at least for a while.

In any event, Ukulele Ray is serious about water conservation, but presents his message with a lighter touch.

For more from Ukulele Ray’s collection of videos, messages and songs, visit