Water good, activated water may be far better

Bheau View Ranch owner Shera Sandwell with waterceutical pouches at her property/Courtesy

Water. Everybody needs it. Everybody uses it. Activated water, or as Dr. W. John Martin refers to it, waterceuticals, may be the health wave of the future, he says.

“Many infectious diseases have yet to be conquered by modern science,” said Martin, leader of the South Pasadena-based Institute of Progressive Medicine, and president of the non-profit MI Hope charity. “This is generally attributed to both a failure of the immune system and the lack of an effective anti-microbial pharmaceutical.”

Infections, according to Martin, can be regarded as a competitive process between the microbe and the host for cellular energy-generated resources. Cells obtain energy not only from the metabolism of food but also from the altrenative energy (ACE) pathway.”

That’s where water, activated water, comes into play.

Speaking at San Marcos-based Bheau View Ranch this week, along with fellow MI Hope Inc. members Shera Sandwell and Jamie Sams, Martin said that activated water, currently available under different names, and from several sources, provided an environmental force known as KELEA (Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction), which can enhance the body’s ACE pathway, providing “a novel means of potentially increasing the body’s resitstance against all infectious diseases.”

Man with a plan

Dr. John Martin with two of his waterceutical pouches. They come in a variety of shapes and designs./Courtesy

Martin received his medical training in Australia at the University of Sydney and was the chief of the Immunology/Molecular Pathology Unit at the LAC/USC (University of California) Medical Center as well as a professor of pathology at the USC School of Medicine.

Martin was the former director of the Viral Oncology Branch of the FDA’s (Federal Drug Administration) Bureau of Biologics which is the principal agency in charge of testing human vaccines.  Before that, he worked at the National Cancer Institute.  He emerged as a key player in ME/CFIDS research in the late 1980’s with a virus that he named a “stealth” virus.

Now, through his MI Hope foundation, and partnering with Bheau View Ranch, Martin has traveled from theory into practice. MI Hope is conducting a trial of Martin’s working activated system call waterceuticals, a trial through which all interested parties can try the waterceutical protocol, report results and help fine-tune the approach.

“The time when most everyone will be using wearable waterceutical pouches will likely occur far sooner than expected with the occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic,” Martin said.

“KELEA, or Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction, excellerated, or activated water can be placed into wearable waterceutical pouches,” Martin continued, “which can be conveniently placed against the skin. Larger pouches can be placed against the body while sleeping. These pouches can potentially suppress the morbidity and mortality from COVID-19.”

Preference will be given to patients with measurable respiratory illnesses, including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,) according to Martin. Patients with congestive heart failure and volunteers with chronic illnesses are also being invited to participate in these studies.

Martin added: “The participants will be required to wear the waterceutical pouch and/or use a pouch in their bed for a week and to report back on any observed changes in their health. The studies need to be underwritten on a cost-reimbursement basis, either through donations to the non-profit public charity sponsoring the studies or via direct payment.

“The non-profit charity is MI Hope Inc. It hopes to further extend the studies to help devise effective methods to treat mental illnesses. For further information please call me at (626) 616-2868 or email at wjohnmartin@hotmail.com.”

Shout out from Bheau View Ranch, San Marcos

Jamie Sams on the cover of one of her books, ‘Animal Medicine: A Guide to Claiming Your Animal Allies,’ available at Amazon.com/Courtesy,

Setting up the new test trials of waterceutical patches, Martin and Sams came down to Bheau View Ranch to help get the waterceutical process flowing

A chef who once ran the popular Armadillo Bistro in Hollywood, Sams is a renowned vocalist whose Clan Mother Songs collaboration with John York of the Byrds can be found here. Half French and half American Indian, with ancestors from the Cherokee, Seneca, Choctaw, and Mohawk tribes, she also is a key member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, retreat leader, and writer on American Indian spirituality.

Sams also is known for her lifelong affiliation and collaboration with prominent Austin sound musicians, including Joe Ely, Gary P. Nunn, Towns Van Zandt and Robert Earl Keene. She has appeared in Hollywood films and was friends with the likes of Clint Eastwood and Robert De Niro.

Sams is the coauthor of Medicine Cards:The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, author of The Sacred Paths Workbook, and (with Twylah Nitsch) Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours and other books.

Now in its 20th year of operation, Bheau View Ranch is set in the Merriam Mountains on the east side of Twin Oaks, San Marcos, one of the few remaining rancheros in an area now brimming with upscale homes by Walnut Grove Park. It’s a popular equestrian property that also has hosted the AWE Center, a non-profit 501.c foundation dedicated to improving arts education, community health through water and nutrition and equestrian development for under-served area residents.

Bheau View Ranch has been the home of hundreds of rescued horses over the years. The center seeks to preserve the balance of nature for future generations amidst the ever-growing pressure of development.

With it all, the waterceutical clan came together to begin processing results from Martin’s water pouch trials. The full article on the subject may be found here.

Kenshin Hayashi displays waterceutical pouches at Bheau View Ranch this week/Courtesy

Several participants in the waterceutical trial stopped by the Ranch to report their progress with activated water pouches. So far so good, according to them.

“I have been using the water pouches for several months” said San Marcos health counselor Peggy Bolton. “I feel like I am aging backwards and I am sleeping like a teenager. My grandson has a learning disorder and has made major improvements also with the water pouch.”

Said social media consultant and multi-black belt karate instructor Kenshin Hayashi: “I’ve been using the pouch on my body for the last four weeks. I have noticed that it has increase my energy level, much clarity in my mind and my focus. I utilized many ancient martial arts practices for over 2 decades, this has been a life changer. I shall be implementing this to my students as their regiment.”

This is all music to Martin’s ears.

“The time when most everyone will be using wearable waterceutical pouches will likely occur far sooner than expected with the occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic,” Martin said. “As presented in a recently peer-reviewed publication, waterceutical pouches can potentially increase the body’s resistance to many infectious diseases. These pouches can potentially suppress the morbidity and mortality from COVID-19.”

Again, for further information how to participate in the trial phase of the trailblazing waterceutical trial , please call (626) 616-2868 or send an email to wjohnmartin@hotmail.com

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