May 11, 2020

Otay Mesa Detention Center experiences first detained migrant death from COVID-19

The first confirmed death in an ICE detention center from COVID-19 has been reported at Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego. Otay Mesa is run by the private, for-profit contractor, CoreCivic. A 57-year-old person in immigration custody died Wednesday, May 6 from complications related to the coronavirus, authorities said, marking the first reported death from the virus among about 30,000 people in immigration custody….

Not so funny thing happened on way to filling Escondido’s vacant District 2 Council seat

In a nice political Seinfeld scenario, nothing happened with Escondido’s vacant District 2 seat last week and last month. However, this black cloud has the proverbial silver lining that will be lifted in November as Escondido voters will have the opportunity to vote on the matter. After three hours hours interviewing candidates for the city’s District 2 seat, previously held by the late John Masson,…

COVID-19 testing trends up in SD County

Testing for the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has been increasing in San Diego County. The number of daily total tests in the region exceeded 3,300 in four of the past five days. Yesterday, there was a decrease in the number of tests reported – 2,638 tests. Testing dips typically occur on Sundays. The decrease may be more pronounced with the three state sites, which…