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Duncan Duane Hunter’s town hall from hell

Deep state. Thousands of Obama appointees trying to take down Donald Trump from the inside as part of an Orwellian government that controls us. An intelligence community, FBI and Department of Justice “that have been infiltrated by seditious Obama folks that want to go after the President.” Or how about defending Judeo-Christian values that we have in this country. And then there’s “The Hunter Plan”…

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Virus-denier Issa sues to stop mail-in ballots

An original virus denier, Darrell Issa must believe forcing people to go physically to polling places amid the coronavirus would help him somehow. Issa on Thursday, May 21 sued to halt California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order requiring all registered voters receive absentee ballots. Issa, a Vista Republican conducting a carpetbagger campaign — he lives in the 49th District — to return to Congress, argued that…

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