interior design

Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Ah, Thanksgiving – the holiday that toasts America’s richness and bounty as no other. When we think of the loving labor that goes into preparing dinner for relatives and friends, it can anything but a holiday. The Thanksgiving table allows us to keep the day special, beautiful, and relaxing without being stuck in the kitchen. Whether you’re having a San Diego style get-together, celebrating somewhere…

Charm of honey; fine glasses toast great party

Two event-related items from Sabrina Cadini’s La Dolce Idea – The Charm of Honey, followed by fine glasses toast the perfect party. Honey always has been a pantry item in our house. My mom, an avid tea drinker, religiously brews a cup of Earl Grey after 4 p.m. every afternoon, enhancing the aroma with a spoonful of honey. I am attracted to all those different varieties…

Home decor: Engaging in a bit of ‘pillow talk’

Rancho Santa Fe interior designer Penelope Voisen engages in a bit of ‘pillow talk’ You can never have too many pillows on a bed. The warm, inviting, and comfortable feeling you get when you enter a bedroom and see lots of pillows on the bed instantly gives a relaxed sense of being. What is it about pillows? We always seem to need more of them….