‘California Dream’ and indigenous peoples

The California Dream is a myth for many California Indian peoples and tribes. Since settlers arrived, California Indians’ reality has largely been one of land dispossession, cultural assimilation and even genocide. If California Indians were to design their own dream it would place decolonization at its core. Decolonization is the undoing of colonialism, part of what I study as a scholar of Native American studies….

Stone Brewing Co. going where no U.S. craft brewer has gone before

America’s ninth largest craft brewer, Escondido’s very own Stone Brewing Co,. is poised to become an international first with a twist Stone debuts the first European-based brewery built, owned and operated by a U.S. craft brewer in March. They’re doing it in the land of Oktoberfest and all things beery, Germany, and its premier city, Berlin. “Most people think it’s an odd thing that an…