About Us

Something different this way comes…

You are visiting a state-of-the-art media site covering Escondido, San Marcos, Valley Center, San Diego County, California and the world. Posted directly by experienced journalists, and community supporters, and directed by Dan Weisman, editor, The Escondido Grapevine combines the best practices of old school journalism with the cutting edge design of what technology has wrought.

As you can see, what you get is a dynamic real-time online experience presenting information in many formats and over all platforms. Our design aims to be uncluttered and free. We avoid horrible pop-up ads and intrusive advertising in favor of tasteful partnerships between visitor and sponsor.

We’re not about revenue streams although we’re interested in whatever it takes to sustain this website and a weekly newspaper that follows. We are interested in the inevitable new journalism, combining accuracy and speed with an eye toward inclusive community involvement and content.

It’s a ground-up partnership of people and professional power. Our groundbreaking concept extends to a synergy between this 24/7 online journalism site and a weekly newspaper distributed across our coverage area.

These products are intertwined with online running into more permanent print and vice-versa. This organic approach provides unlimited opportunities to expand in direct coverage allowing personal channels to customize information dissemination and retrieval.

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