Reach Greater Escondido including San Marcos and Valley Center, an area with more than 220,000 people, through online and print ads. With the closing of the North County Times, removal of the San Diego Union Tribune bureau and limited media coverage, the area was lacking any dedicated news outlet…until now.

We will be developing online page view and unique visitor statistics as we move down the road, but project initial rates of around 50,000 to 60,000 monthly page views based on test postings that generated as many as 5,000 daily views in September. Similarly focused local online sites in similarly sized communities have gone from those numbers to between 100,000 to 200,000 monthly page views and visitors in relatively short order and sustained those numbers over time.

Our print run initially is pegged at 2,000 copies distributed at up to 115 local focal points in public spaces along with street vendor sales. We also will be soliciting mail subscriptions. Given successful fulfillment of our editorial and business model, we hope to increase print distribution to 4,000 copies, then to 8,000, 12,000 and 18,000 copies in 2016. Initially, we plan two bi-monthly issues going to a weekly format in 2016.

Other Ad Formats

We don’t just do display ads, effective as they work. We also have a variety of other options available. Should you not see one that works for you, feel free to suggest your own concepts and work with your marketing rep to fine-tune ads and campaigns.

Featured Business/Services: Editorial staff will compose a 500-word story about your business or topic along with 1-2 photos. Stories will be marked advertorial content, but otherwise look and read like our other high quality stories. They will run in the Featured Business/Services section, the latest first, then bump inside to the Featured Business Category. We will keep stories on the page for three months. All stories are guaranteed Home Page placement for three days, and may stay longer depending on volume.

Do-It-Yourself Column: Provide your own content; story, photo, and video. Professional staff will edit and publish the material upon client approval. Columns will be marked advertorial and placed on appropriate category page.

Advertising Video: Post an outstanding two minute video highlighting your business or service. We can post a video, preferably from YouTube, you create of have a professional videographer work with you to create one.

Coupon Campaign: Partnering with us, we can display a 336×280 coupon designed to your specifications that customers can bring in for specific specials and deals. The beauty of this is unlike Groupon, you have targeted a specific, local customer base who will be more than one-hit wonders, able to return to your business on a long-term basis.