avocado prices

Avocado price merry-go-round about to dip

This has been a very interesting and unprecedented year for avocado prices as they dipped very low during the spring but have been riding high on the wave throughout the summer. August appears to be a relatively tight month, but September should bring promotable volumes of fruit and lower pricing as well. “It could start in August,” said Dana Thomas, president of Index Fresh Inc….

Escondido avocados plentiful, wholesale prices not so much

California’s avocado season kicked off this month — it runs through September — but prices for growers continued to stay depressed. Sad, but true, this was the case despite a 50 percent rise in per capita U.S. consumption since 2010 from 4 pounds per person to 6 pounds, and decreasing production due to water-challenged groves going out of business. Many blame imports from Mexico, and…