Champion’s Family Restaurant

Rosie’s Cafe back on Food Network Thursday

Rosie’s Cafe hasn’t had much success as an actual eatery, but it has become something of a cause celebre and a virtual hit on television thanks to TV makeover chef Robert Irvine and his Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” show. The televised journey into somethingness continues at 9 p.m. Thursday May 28 with a 60-minute special on The Food Network. Check your local listings for channels….

Turn out the lights, Champion’s party is over

Lines out Grand Avenue, tears on half-eaten cinnamon rolls, Champion’s Family Restaurant was scheduled to wrap it up Friday, Jan. 29, the future be damned. Friday was going to be a kind of Escondido Mardi Gras Day, a carnival of anticipation, regret and last hurrah before the inevitable All Souls Day and Lent. As word got out last week that the family-owned American cuisine institution…