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Judge rejects effort to reinstall painting taken down by Hunter at U.S. Capitol

A federal judge has rejected efforts to reinstall a painting in the Capitol that some lawmakers and police groups found offensive because it depicts police officers with animal heads. David Pulphus, a student artist from Missouri, and Rep. William Clay, his Democratic congressman, had sued Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers for removing the painting in January. They sought a preliminary injunction to have the…

Charges pressed against Hunter for art slam

“I’d hang it on Duncan’s door if it was up to me. But what I don’t want to do is deflect from the fact that all this is a diversion so people talk about Duncan Hunter removing a painting and picking on an 18-year-old and being a bully as opposed to talking about the fact that he continuously takes things that don’t belong to him….

‘Art Critic’ Hunter rips down HS student art posted at Capitol by Missouri congressman

Battling House ethics charges for illegal spending of campaign funds, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-50th District, found time Friday to rip down a high school student’s first-place award-winning art piece posted at the U.S. Capitol complex by Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo. Clay represents St. Louis and Ferguson, Mo., where the infamous Michael Brown slaying took place. The painting was unveiled at the U.S. Capitol complex…