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After tax cuts derailed the ‘California dream,’ is the state getting back on track?

In 1978, the year I graduated from college with a degree in economics, most voters in my state chose to turn their backs on the “California dream.” Not unlike the American dream, California’s iteration focused on the limitless possibilities awaiting anyone who moved to the state. It was the state’s basic philosophic footing, a social compact that connected generations, geographies and economic classes in a common destiny….

Escondido features most county poverty outside of El Cajon, policy initiatives researchers say

Local non-profit research and advocacy group Center on Policy Initiatives this week found that Escondido’s poverty rate was just about the highest in San Diego county. Only El Cajon’s 22.8 percent was barely higher than Escondido’s 21.6 percent overall rate. El Cajon had 28 percent poverty rate for children, Escondido? It was 28.5 percent. Otherwise across the land, Vista had an 18.6 percent rate, San…