From San Marcos ‘Dressing’ to Thanksgiving

(Editor’s Note: This was the state of the holiday just one year pre-COVID, for those with nostalgia for the way ot was before social distancing and over 770,000 Americans lost their lives…) California supplies the nation’s Thanksgiving tables California ranked #8 in turkey production in the United States (2016), and supplied most of the western states from our poultry farms located in several areas in the state….

Golden Egg Omelet House — Escondido

Thanks for stopping and reading mmm-yoso!!!, a food blog.  Kirk is not here, Ed (from Yuma) is in Yuma and Cathy is writing a post about another Escondido breakfast-lunch place. Golden Egg Omelet House is located at an obscure corner of an obscure mall just South of the 78, at the northeast corner of Broadway at Centre City Parkway.  Once you see the McDonald’s, drive in…

Thanksgiving Escondido is about to pop

  Thanksgiving in the U.S. brought together families from near and far to celebrate a day of turkey, football, parades and possibly, this year, shopping. It’s one of the major American holidays laden with traditions and sometimes misconceptions about its origins. The holiday is mythologized as beginning in 1621 when the Pilgrims invited the native Wampanoag Indians to their colony to celebrate the first harvest…