Sandbagging it at San Marcos and crossing a soon-to-be-finished Armorlite Drive

Sand and bags are free for San Marcos residents concerned about El Nino.

Prepare for forecasted El Niño season with free sandbags

San Marcos officials made two announcements this week, the first being of the sandbagging kind.

Sort of like bagging one’s own groceries, those seeking a barrier to rising El Nino street tides, should those ensue, are cordially invited by the city of San Marcos to bag their own sand. Sandbags and sand will be provided free of charge.

Sandbags can be filled and picked up at the southwest corner of the Public Works Division parking lot, 201 Mata Way, maximum 20 bags per resident, officials said.

“Due to prolonged drought, San Diego County is dry most of the year leaving the area more susceptible to impacts of inclement weather,” officials said.

“Heavy rains can cause soil erosion especially in areas not covered by lawns, trees, shrubs and plants. Water runoff, and especially mud and debris flows, can damage individual homes and properties and create even wider destruction by flooding roadways and clogging storm drains and culverts.”

To learn other ways to prepare for rain, visit For more information about the City’s sandbag program, please call the City’s Public Works Department at (760) 752-7550.

Armorlite Drive at San Marcos is about to be completed. That's good news.

Armorlite Drive at San Marcos is about to be completed. That’s good news.

Armorlite Drive to transform into a ‘complete street’

Armorlite Drive is about to join the big leagues, as in roads that actually continue until their inevitable end.

The eastbound lane along Armorlite Drive between Las Posas Road and Bingham Drive will be closed to accommodate work that will transform the street into a “complete street” featuring bike and pedestrian friendly improvements that support transit-oriented neighborhoods such as Palomar Station and Davia Village.

Detours for motorists and pedestrians will be in place during the construction period; motorists will be routed through Los Vallecitos Boulevard to and from Armorlite Drive.

Access to all residences and businesses will be maintained through these marked detours and other traffic control measures during the project period. While some driveways will be temporarily closed for short periods of time, access for one-way driveways will be maintained.

Artist conception of fully functional Armorlite Drive.

Artist conception of fully functional Armorlite.

Once the eastbound lane is reopened, the westbound lane along Armorlite Drive will close to accommodate additional enhancements in January 2016.

“Streets are a vital part of livable, attractive communities,” said Public Works Director Mike Edwards. “The Armorlite Drive changes will enhance overall connectivity in the area and give everyone safer transportation alternatives.”

The roadway, pedestrian and bike enhancements include the construction of an eight-foot wide, two-way cycle lane. A six-foot wide sidewalk on the north side of Armorlite Drive, a ten-foot sidewalk along the south side of Armorlite Drive and two mid-block crosswalks with rectangular rapid flashing beacons also will be added.

To top it off, the Armorlite improvements will include angled and parallel parking, pedestrian lighting, bicycle racks, benches and waste recycling receptacles at various locations within the project limits (pictured below).

The $2 million project, supported primarily by a SANDAG Smart Growth grant, is expected to be completed in Spring 2016.

For more information regarding the planned road work and closures, please contact City contractor Tri-Group Construction at (858) 689-0058 or the City’s Construction Manager Robert Estrada at (951) 788-6928.