Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! $7M lotto ticket sold Christmas Eve at Nordahl Liquor

Nordahl Liquor, scene of the $7 million winning SuperLotto ticket.

Who is it, you, to whom Santa brought a very supercalifragilisticexpialidocious holiday bounty down the chimney on Christmas Eve? Or is it a discarded scrap sitting amiably in an unattended drawer somewhere along the Highway 78 corridor around the Great Grapevine?

Only the Shadow, possibly Santa, Mary Poppins and state lottery officials know. And they’re not telling.

It’s all over but the shouting at Nordahl Liquor, 740 Nordahl Road as one of its own customers sits at home holding a winning $7 million SuperLotto Plus ticket, according to Greg Parashak, a California Lottery spokesman. The owner has not initiated the big reveal, and, in fact, may remain anonymous if so wished. Or may never show a face.

The San Marcos liquor store sold the ticket on Christmas Eve that matched the Wednesday, Dec. 30, drawing according to state lottery officials. Store manager Steve Kaspolis said to news sources that this was his first time — Ya’ think? — selling such a huge winning ticket, adding, “I’m excited and happy.”

Kaspolis ought to be excited and happy. The store gets $35,000 for selling the ticket. Not only that, the store reportedly had long lines of people on New Year’s Eve, after word got out about the $7 million winner, buying tickets for Saturday’s big lottery.

Or maybe the ticket sits somewhere unappreciated as yet. If you bought a ticket at the store, check right now for the winning numbers: 3,4,6,25,26; mega number 32.

Try your luck?

Try your luck?

The $7 million is a bit of a misnomer. If the winner chose to take a lump payment, it’s a mere $4.6 million before the IRS comes a’calling. Or the winner may choose to have the entire $7 million enchilada sent in annual bites for 20 years.

He who hesitates is lost, remember, for the winner must claim the prize within six months of the draw. Otherwise, the money gets sent to the state school general fund.

While most lose, and few are chosen, Christmas Week had two big SuperLotto winners. Aside from the undisclosed San Marcos liquor store winner, a Hermosa Beach man won a $27 million payout on Dec. 26.

More may yet follow. On Saturday, Jan. 2, California’s Powerball lottery is scheduled to pay out in excess of $400 million to a lucky winner, or winners.

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