Roosters seized and euthanized during Pauma Valley cockfighting sweep

Rooster impounded by County animal Services during Pauma Valley cockfighting sweep.

Quail Drive was an unfortunately named location for the place where San Diego Sheriff’s swooped in on Sunday, Feb. 21 to break up an alleged cockfighting operation.

The 18200 block of Quail Drive at Pauma Valley to be precise, and when the operation had ended, San Diego county Animal Services had seized nearly 100 rooster while euthanizing 183 birds.

The property owner’s identity was not released. The person received misdemeanor citations for having 85 cockfighting knives, the type that are attached to rooster feet for fighting. The man was cited for owning 126 fighting rooster who were turned ver to animal Services.

Animal Services says another 154 roosters were found in boxes at the site and had apparently been brought there for fighting. Some were euthanized but 47 roosters were taken to the County facility in Bonita and another 50 to Carlsbad. The owner of those birds has 10 days to request a hearing to contest the seizure of their animals, county officials said.

Cockfighting knives seized by county officials Sunday.

Cockfighting knives seized by county officials Sunday.

“Cockfighting is a cruel and barbaric blood sport that is unacceptable in today’s society,” said County Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa. “Unfortunately, these birds are bred, trained and medicated for only one purpose, to fight, so they are not suitable for adoption.”

Although all of the charges are misdemeanors, DeSousa said the department is looking into possibly referring a felony animal cruelty case to the District Attorney for the death of two birds found in a vehicle on the site

These misdemeanors were punishable by imprisonment in County jail for up to six months, a fine up to $1,000 or both. A felony is punishable by up to three years.

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