Scott Peters — “Noteworthy Martian?” 52nd Congressional District turns extraterrestrial

Kyle Odom, left; his drawing of a 'hypersexual noteworthy amphibian-humanoid from Mars," right.

The 52nd Congressional District race got curiouser and curiouser this week, what with candidates “passing” as Hispanic and allegations of “hypersexual noteworthy Martians.”

Firstly, one of incumbent Democrat Scott Peters’ possible Republican opponents came out with a kind of Rebecca Dolezal scenario. You remember Dolezal, the NAACP official who turned out to be passing as an African-American, even though she turned out to be extremely white, genetically speaking.

Enter Denise Gitsham, Republican Latina.

Oops, not actually.

Gitsham “came out” this week as a Dolezal Latina, saying she was “ambiguously ethnic enough to pass for almost anything.” Not only that, but she was owning the tag as if it were a good thing. Don’t you just love the Trumping of America?

Actually, the daughter of a Chinese mother from Taiwan and a Canadian Caucasian father, Gitsham said she used her Latina look-alike ambiguity to secure a place in the 2000 Bush presidential campaign.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, Gitsham said, “as a result (I) ended up as a Hispanic coalitions coordinator,” for the Bush campaign.

“As a half-Chinese 22 year old without a Latino bone in my body, I created a position for myself on the Bush campaign, running President Bush’s previously non-existent National Hispanic Coalition.” Gitsham said in a related blog posting.

Peters’ campaign and Gitsham’s Republican opponents jumped all over that statement.

“This demonstrates an incredible lack of integrity and honesty, what’s worse is that she is clearly so comfortable with the duplicity she uses it in campaign speeches as a badge of honor,” Jacquie Atkinson, a Republican, said in a statement. “The voters of the 52nd don’t need another politics as usual Washington insider. They deserve better representation than that.”

Peters’ campaign spokeswoman, MaryAnne Pintar said, “That she launched her political career pretending to be someone she’s not is an odd thing to trumpet, but more significantly, she told one of the most anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, pro-gun lobby, tea party groups in America that she’s ‘one of them.”

Scott Peters — Noteworthy ‘hypersexual’ Martian?

Does this look like the face of an alien congressman?

Does this look like the face of an alien congressman?

However, that wasn’t even the wackiest moment in the race this week.

Turns out Peters made “the list.” That’s the list of “Noteworthy Martians” Idaho whack job, and former Marine, Kyle Odom, 30, published as part of his “manifesto” explaining how “hypersexual amphibian-humanoids from Mars” were tormenting him, and the nation.

Odom spent a busy week, first allegedly shooting Tim Remington, a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho pastor on March 6. An evangelical pastor, Remington, the day before, had given the invocation at a Ted Cruz rally.

Then, somehow, no-fly lists be damned, Odom made his way to the very gates of the White House, where he was arrested on March 8 after throwing objects over the fence.

Meanwhile, Odom sent a rambling 21-page statement to his parents along with several Idaho television stations.

Odom admitted shooting Remington and had a lot more on his mind, namely the alarming presence of hypersexual Martians who threatened the nation, as well as his own psyche. Odom said he was trying to warn the President, who also was an alleged alien, of the threat.

52nd congressional District Congressman Scott Peter(s) made the "Noteworthy Martians" list.

52nd congressional District Congressman Scott Peter(s) made the “Noteworthy Martians” list.

As part of that warning was a list of “Noteworthy Martians,” naming 50 members of Congress — in true bipartisan fashion, from both parties — along with about 35 members of the “Israeli leadership,” including “every single Prime Minister since 1948.”

That’s where Peters came in; listed in the manifesto as Scott Peter, perhaps, but close enough for alien government work.

“Martians are ubiquitous,” Odom said. “They exist at every level of society in every nation. Some have blue collar jobs, while other occupy positions of power. They control our government, our military, and Corporate America as well. They keep track of every ‘wild’ human on the planet and manage us like animals in a zoo. Our ‘freedom’ is a carefully crafted illusion.”

Peters’ Washington press secretary Jacob Peters, no relation, denied Odom’s allegations that the congressman was a noteworthy Martian.

“We are aware of the situation, but were not aware of any contacts by him with our office,” Peters said. “The Capital Police contacted us and said there was no threat.”

Now, maybe if Gitsham wants to pass as something, she might try traveling the spaceways as an alien and really have something to hang her campaign on in a close encounters sort of way.

Abed files for county supervisor

Oh by the way, in other political news, Escondido Mayor Sam Abed made it official.

Abed filed official paperwork on March 8 to run for San Diego County Supervisor.

A Republican, Abed is running against incumbent Dave Roberts, a Democrat, who also filed for the office on March 8. Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar, another Republican, was expected to join the race officially on March 9.

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