Not your grandparents farmers market

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There are farmers markets and then, there are (cannabis) farmers markets.

At an undisclosed location and time in San Marcos, revealed only to certified medical marijuana card holders through private message, but with a $15 admission price, the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market “North County Edition” rolled into somewhere for a while Saturday.

“We ask that you not give out the location to non-market attendees as well as those not verified as we are trying to keep it as confidential and safe as possible for your comfort,” the invitation read.”Please ensure that you bring your ID as well as Physician’s Recommendation for the safety and integrity of all Proposition 215 patients involved as well as to stay within legal parameters.”

That meant a green light for some 400 attendees who rambled around about all things marijuana related, including marijuana taking the place of vegetables and all sorts of edible, growing and consumptive displays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. About 30 vendors plied their wares.

Milling about.

Milling about.

Reggae and rock music wafted across the colorful booth-filled space, and that wasn’t all that wafted, wink wink. It was billed, after all, as a “Vapor/710 (pen) and Smoke Friendly venue”. The invite added for good measure: “This is a flower friendly event, so smoking flowers is allowed in the designated smoking area.”

It was a wild ride through a San Marcos parking area, man, with no possible use of weed, TCH or CBD left unturned. No medical marijuana card? No problem. Patients were diagnosed and issued cards just outside the somewhat porous gates.

Names weren’t that important, at least for purposes related to this article. Expressions ranged from the business-like “This has been a great opportunity to acquaint people with our store,” to the more eclectic “Huh? What?”

Event promoters promised “a few guest celebrities,” but it was difficult to know what they meant by celebrity or even who those celebs were. Only those 18 years old and over were admitted. Military, veterans, seniors and disabled people were admitted free along with anyone born on June 18.

Discounted admission was granted people brought several non-perishable food items or used “but preferably new” clothing donations. The first 50 attendees got in for free and got a gift bag to boot.

Marijuana-infused tea and malted drinks.

Marijuana-infused tea and malted drinks.

Chef John “Voodoo” held court as he turned out “infused” pizza and comfort food while advertising his medical marijuana meal deliveries and catering business. His business’s name, d’uh — Comfortably Stupid.

“Go beyond brownies and eat some real food,” Chef Voodoo’s card said along with a a logo of a well-dressed couple sprawled on a comfortable sofa with a stylish table, which may, or may not, have contained infused delicacies in front.

James Balmer handed out infused nuts along wth cards for “My Mum’s Nuts” Jara Canna Coconut Concoctions. “I use organic coconut oil, extra purified water, pesticide free trim and sunflower lecithin,” he said. “After a lengthy infusion process a buttery concoction is created which is full of cbd’s and THC molecules.”

Balmer added: ”This canna coconut oil is a delight in coffee — hippy speed ball — hot cocoa, oatmeal, tea enhancer, topical relief from aches and pains, on toast or on its own.”

How does this work again?

How does this work again?

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