President’s bully pulpit bloodies Issa

President Obama arrives Sunday night at MCAS Miramar/MILAN KOVACEVIC

Darrell Issa, you’ve been served. And by POTUS no less.

Issa just found what eight years of trolling President Obama and soon-to-be-president Hillary Clinton got him — a hot seat; a very, very hot seat.

As chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Issa wasted a lot of congressional time and taxpayer money on tea party and trump trolling fictions like investigations into the Obama administration’s Internal Revenue Service, the “Fast and Furious” gun trading-operation and the administration’s handling of the attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

Speaking Sunday night at a La Jolla event to raise money for Democratic congressional candidates, including Col. Doug Applegate, Issa’s opponent who was in attendance, at the $10,000 a plate reception and dinner at Christine Forester’s home, Obama swung his big stick at a decidedly small, and ignominious, target, Issa.

Issa’s “primary contribution to the United States Congress has been to obstruct and to waste taxpayer dollars on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere,” President Obama said.

Continuing to speak of Issa, who has vociferously supported and trolled for Donald Trump, Obama said, “This is now a guy who, because poll numbers are bad, has sent out brochures with my picture on them touting his cooperation on issues with me. That is the definition of chutzpah.”

Obama added: “This is not somebody who is serious about working on problems.”

The President, according to CNN, said Issa had always been friendly to him — during the annual White House Christmas party. Obama said some GOP lawmakers tell him they’re “praying for you” during the holiday party photo-line.

“I don’t question the sincerity they are praying for me,” Obama said, before mimicking their prayer: “Please change this man from the socialist Muslim.”

“I’m sure it’s more sincere than that,” he conceded.

About 65 people attended the event hosted by Forester, one of 35 private members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and a former vice chair of his national finance committee.

Obama thanked his supporters and recapped major changes since taking office eight years ago.

“We went from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes to 15 million new jobs and a 5 percent unemployment rate, cutting it in half,” Obama told the crowd. “Last year, we saw the largest increase in incomes ever recorded in a single year, and we saw the biggest drop in poverty since 1968.”

The president also noted that in his first two years in office, Democrats had a congressional majority. But in the past two years, the House of Representatives and the Senate have been controlled by Republicans.

Applegate is running against incumbent Rep. Darrell Issa, R- Vista, for the 49th Congressional District seat. Obama referred to him “somebody who knows what it means to sacrifice on behalf of the nation, and somebody who is going to be an outstanding member of Congress.”

President Obama on the MCAS/Miramar tarmac/MILAN KOVACEVIC

President Obama on the MCAS/Miramar tarmac/MILAN KOVACEVIC

While campaigning for Applegate, Obama slammed Issa, who has alleged the Obama administration was perhaps the most corrupt in history.

Obama, according to CNN, framed the Republican Party as being in lock step with the GOP nominee, saying, “It is absolutely vital we do everything we can to maximize turnout, maximize enthusiasm, reject Trump but also reject the climate that results in Donald Trump getting the nomination.”

“That starts in House of Representatives. The things you’re hearing Trump say, they’re said on floor of the House all the time. The Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives are repeatedly promoting crazy conspiracy theories and demonizing opponents,” Obama said.

Repeating a thought from his stump speech earlier, Obama said Trump is only claiming credit for a longstanding Republican mindset.

“Donald Trump didn’t build that,” he said. “He just slapped his name on it and took credit for it.”

Obama also touted House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, who attended the event, saying that whatever success he’s had as president he owed in part to her “extraordinary skill, intelligence, acumen, toughness and loyalty.”

The president’s last trip to San Diego County was last October, when he spent just over two days at Rancho Santa Fe’s Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa and played a couple of rounds of golf at Torrey Pines and Crosby Estate.

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  1. We can only hope that Darrell takes his nasty attitude away from congress into the cave he deserves. He has done nothing for his district, wasted time.

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