End Citizens United begins GOP ditch drive

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A major democratic political action organization that’s working to get big money and all of the temptation it offers out of politics recently released a list of 20 Republican Congress members that it intends to target next year. The organization on attack is End Citizens United, and it is calling its targeted Congress members the “Big Money 20.

A Group that Favors Its Special Interest Donors

End Citizens United gave the “Big Money 20” the name that it did because these Congress members are looking out for their special interest donors instead of their general constituents. They’re doing so by accepting large donations and then supporting legislation that benefits these big donors or by contesting campaign finance reform. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Darrell Issa of California are a few of the Congress members on the organization’s list.

End Citizens United believes it’s time for every member of Congress to work for the country as a whole instead of helping only those who contribute large amounts of money to their campaigns. The nation’s government is full of greedy legislators, ones whose main interest is for themselves. This goes against what it means to be a public servant. Congress should be passing laws and regulations that help the constituents of their states. When it comes to the “Big Money 20,” this doesn’t seem to be the case. Tiffany Muller, the executive director of End Citizens United, said, “These are the worst of the worst in Congress.”

End Citizens United hopes to raise and spend $35 million to campaign against the “Big Money 20” during their 2018 re-election campaigns. The PAC spent $25 million in 2016, so it’s upping the ante for the 2018 election cycle. While Cruz and Ryan will likely be re-elected, the other members of the “Big Money 20” are facing tough battles to remain in Congress.

What Do Everyday Americans Think About Big Money in Politics?

Money and politics seem to go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean that everyday Americans like it. Money and its ability to corrupt and influence those in the government is usually at the heart of every complaint about the country’s political system. Every two years, political candidates pledge to voters that they’ll work to reform a system that has been broken by the Supreme Court and congressional inaction, and every two years, most of them break their promises.

Is there a way to remove money from politics? When it comes down to it, money can’t be removed from politics entirely. Basically, democratic elections are a battle of ideas and personalities, so the only way to get information to voters about the candidates is to make sure that they hear candidate messages. Any way you look at it, money is needed to get candidate information out there. Whether campaigns are paying to advertise, operate a website, hire staffers, hold rallies or events that news organizations will cover or just start a campaign, politicians require funding. Running for local office can be a cheap endeavor with volunteers and social media, but even these are not completely free.

What are the Experts Saying About the 2018 Elections?

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According to a recent pole, if the elections were held now, around 51 percent of registered voters claim that they would vote for the Democratic candidate in their district while about 40 percent state that they would vote for the Republican.

This is the largest gap in votes between the two parties since October 2006, which was only a few weeks before a midterm election that gave Democrats control over the House and the Senate. At the time, people were highly dissatisfied with President George W. Bush’s actions regarding the Iraq War.

Along with this, the vote findings have come at a time when congressional Republicans are working to restore their brand after they’ve spent months fighting each other while struggling to deliver legislative achievements despite having control over the White House, Senate and the House.

The Push to Rewrite the Country’s Tax Laws

This fall, Republicans began efforts to rewrite the country’s tax laws with the belief that success will give them a much-needed political boost as the nation heads into the midterm campaign. Republicans recently passed a major tax cut, but since high income earners will benefit the most, it will be interesting to see how accepting everyday Americans will be about the policy.

According to an analysis of the tax cuts, people who earn less than $25,000 will receive a tax cut of around $40 while those who earn more than $750,000 will receive a tax break of about $28,000. The Senate wants to place a $10,000 cap on the deduction for property taxes. Legislators also doubled the estate tax exemption. The current level is $5.49 million for each person. With the new tax cuts in place, one person will be able to transfer around $11 million to his or her heirs without incurring an estate tax.

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Fighting to Overturn Citizens United

End Citizens United was created in reaction to a 2010 Supreme Court decision that permitted corporations to operate the same as people. The ruling opened the door to special interest groups, allowing them to sink unlimited and untraceable money into American politics. Because of the Citizens United ruling, there is a lack of transparency and accountability in the country’s political system.

Backed by grassroots donors, End Citizens United was established on March 1, 2015. It is an organization dedicated to opposing the catastrophic effects that Citizens United is wreaking on the country’s political system. Located in Washington, D.C., the organization is also working to reform how America’s government operates. To accomplish its goal, End Citizens United supports electing campaign finance reform supporters, passing ballot measures at the state level that overturn Citizens United and expanding this issue so that it becomes a part of the national conversation.

Because End Citizens United is a traditional political action organization, it doesn’t take donations that are more than $5,000. To reach big fundraising goals, the committee depends on receiving small donations from its members, which number at more than 3 million.

Naming Names

By naming its “Big Money 20,” End Citizens United is encouraging others to join in and help change the country’s political system. When it comes to bringing about change in major systems, many people need to come together for it to happen. These kinds of changes also require a willingness for people to stand up for what they believe in and patience.

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