Progressive voter guide for June 5 election

Voting at Andy Granger’s home turned polling station 455-270 in Southwest Escondido on Nov. 7, 2016/dweisman

(Editor’s Note: Here’s a quick and easy way to vote in the June 5, 2018, primary election brought to you courtesy of Doug Porter and the San Diego Free Press. The Grapevine endorses all his endorsements, so get out there and get rid of every Republican enabler of Donald Trump and unAmerican values. It’s especially important to vote for the best local progressive candidates because Republicans at every level support the Trump agenda. Special endorsements are made for Ammar Campa-Najjar in the 50th Congressional District and Paul McNamara as Escondido Mayor. )

Many San Diego County races, including District Attorney, Sheriff, and Assessor will be decided in this election since any candidate getting better than 50 percent gets a pass on the November election.

City and State races, on the other hand, allow the top two finishers to go on to November. We’re told there will be a ballot measure in November to bring the county into sync with the rest of California.

Not every candidate listed here will appear on your ballot. If you don’t live in a district, you don’t get to vote on their candidates.

Here is a link to answers to any questions you may have about voting–It’s from 2016, but all the info is correct.

We endorsed (or didn’t) contests where editors and contributors had some working knowledge of the contests. Generally speaking, we didn’t endorse in non-competitive races with a Democratic incumbent (who you should probably vote for). Those incumbents are listed in the various links below.

For the full list of candidates, plus our endorsements, click on the link at the top of each section. Scroll down for the printable crib sheet.

Progressive Voter Guide for County of San Diego Elected Offices

Judicial Office #37– Victor Torres
Assessor/Recorder/Clerk – Matt Strabone
Sheriff – Dave Myers
District Attorney – Geneviéve Jones-Wright
Board of Supervisors District 4 – Omar Passons
Board of Supervisors District 5 – Michelle Gomez
Community College Board – Maria Nieto Senour, Craig Milgrim, Rafael Perez
SD County Board of Education – Alicia Munoz, Rick Shea

San Diego City Council | Progressive Voter Guide 2018 

City Council District 4 – Monica Montgomery
City Council District 2, 6 & 8  – No Endorsement*
(*We could not endorse candidates who sought the support of the Working Families Council)

California Statewide Offices & Local Legislative Seats

Governor – John Chiang
Attorney General – 
Xavier Becerra
Controller – 
Betty Yee
Treasurer – 
Fiona Ma
Secretary of State –
Ruben Major
Insurance Commissioner –
Ricardo Lara
Superintendent of Public Instruction –
Tony Thurmond
Senate District 36 – 
Marggie Castellano
Senate District 38 – 
Jeff Griffith
Assembly District 71 – 
James Elia
Assembly District 75 – 
Alan Geraci
Assembly District 76 – 
Tasha Boerner Horvath
Assembly District  77 –  
Sunday Gover

US Senate, Local House of Representatives & Ballot Measures

U.S. Senate – Kevin DeLeon
House of Representatives, District 49 – Doug Applegate or Paul Kerr
House of Representatives, District 50 – Ammar Campa-Najjar
Measure A (Chula Vista) – Sales Tax to Fund Public Safety ◆YES◆
Measure C (National City) – True Election Term Limits ◆YES◆
Proposition 68 – Clean Drinking Water and Safe Parks ◆YES◆
Proposition 69 –  Transportation Taxes & Fees Lock Box ◆YES◆
Proposition 71 – Ballot Measures Effective Date Reform ◆YES◆
Proposition 72 –
End Tax Penalty for Rainwater Capture ◆YES◆

Printable Guide – Click on it to open new page before printing

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