Why can’t I get that damn stimulus payment?

Despite trying to receive my economic stimulus payment since March 12 and about 25+ hours of efforts including dozens of phone calls to your agency and other agencies and more numerous online attempts than I can count, I have not received anything.

The distribution of this payment to myself and some others is completely broken and unresponsive.

The “where is my stimulus” website simply said something was mailed on March 26 with no further options. Every time– about 20 and counting — I called the IRS stimulus line, I was transferred to another number where it said the system was too busy and hung up the phone.

The first two EIP payment were direct deposited to my bank account. The third payment was not. After intervention from a congressional office, an IRS representative who called said for some reason a debit card was issued and mailed. However, it apparently was sent to the wrong address. This representative Mrs. Tirgones 100-336-2212 said she could do nothing more and gave me a metabank number 1-800-240-8100 to contact.

Unfortunately, following the prompts at metabank’s number simply resulted in the number asking for my debit card number, a number I do not have since I never received the debit card. Without the number, it hangs up the phone.

Most of your representative on the phone have been unhelpful to an extreme degree and even rude. However, Representative 328-801 — at that level, they do not give out names — was very helpful and actually called metabank’s number. When she called, the number allowed her an option to input the last four digits of the social security number which would be useful in tracing the card and receiving another card, presumptively.

Unfortunately, when I resumed trying that number it did the “what’s your card number” prompt and hung up, leaving me to believe it only gave the correct prompts to receive another card to your representative because she was calling from an IRS number, not a private number.

I also sent in Form 3911 as some representative said, but that form is not particularly relevant to the stimulus snafu and also has a 6-week waiting period for a response, which might or might not be positive.

I truly needed that $1,400 payment weeks ago to cover emergency expenses and do not have it.

Can you, Charles Rettig, as the head of this agency monstrosity, or anyone in federal government, do anything to expedite this payment to me?

Thanks in advance.

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