Why I have not updated this site by the publisher

In case you noticed, thanks for wondering.

Everyone enjoys getting their news online for free. I know I do.

Since 2015, I regularly have updated this site without seeking ads to keep it authentic and clear of any influence on fair and free journalistic expression. I have created and hosted this site through money out of my own pocket.

Web hosting and development companies do not do this for free.

I have tried and tried and tried to keep this community resource going while trying to get enough people to buy into this concept and community journalism.

NOBODY has contributed one red cent to allow me to do this nor be able to expand coverage through hiring anybody to leverage the journalism upward.

I have lived at Escondido and Rancho Santa Fe for 25 years. I have gone to many people in each community to try to arrange financial help. I believe $4,000 a month would enable this site to be world class caliber.

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation spent over $100,000 to clear weeds right by my house at Ewing Preserve. Nobody there even would speak to me about contributing to quality journalism in the community.

Likewise the Leichtag Foundation would not even take a call to discuss contributing to independent journalism in the community. However, they sure weren’t shy about email blasting and publicizing how great they were in giving to the community.

I tried speaking with Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer who inherited $40 billion and owns Coral Reef Ranch at 16013 Via de Santa Fe where she keeps millions of dollars worth of show jumping ponies.

I tried speaking with billionaire Herbert Wertheim who spent over $23 million to overpay for his property at 17111 El Vuelo.

I tried speaking with billionaire Fred Luddy who regularly touts his charitable generosity and has private offices at 160 Chesterfield Dr., Suite 201 at Cardiff. I tried billionaire Charles Brandes and the Mary and Gary West Foundation who regularly tout their charity work in publicity statements.

And I tried dozens of other wealthy, well-healed individuals and charitable foundations whom I am not calling out by name because I’m sick of it and you catch my drift by now.

The point is if nobody, even those with billions of dollars or self-reputations for good work, and nobody in the community, wants to help provide quality information to allow fellow citizens the ability to know and understand their community better, they don’t deserve a quality presentation like this.

I have exhausted my financial resources, so can not guarantee how much longer this site and its valuable archive will continue to appear online. I have not updated the site in many months, nor will I if nobody gives a rat’s ass.

If this resonates with anyone, you can reach me at escondidograpevine@gmail.com or Dan Weisman at PO Box 8432, Rancho Santa Fe, California, 92067.

Otherwise, this site goes away forever.

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