Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Holiday decorations make the home go round.

No matter what holiday you honor in your home, we decorate our homes to please ourselves and to welcome family and friends during the holidays.

Although this time of year seems to be hectic for most of us, transforming our homes with dazzling decorations for the tree, sprucing up the mantel (no pun intended), setting a new, inventive holiday table scape, or hanging an exquisite welcoming wreath at our front door, renews our ties with our family, and returns us to the magic of Christmas.

The first thing to do to make your home more beautiful for the holidays is to bring in lots of fresh greenery. All the rage this year is fresh greenery.  Garlands, sprays, boughs, and branches of fresh greenery create the necessary backdrop for all your holiday decorations.

Ringing in the holiday spirit.

Ringing in the holiday spirit.

A gathering of greens from your own pine trees truly marks the start of the holiday season Wreaths and garlands, simple in design, bring a fragrant aroma and natural evergreen palette to a room at a time of year when the days are shorter, and there’s a chill of winter in the air.

Often it’s the simplest designs that make the most charming Christmas decor. I like to clip pine branches and set them atop framed oil paintings in different rooms of my home, and instantly, it add that holiday dressed up look.

Potting fresh greens in baskets and glazed pottery, weaving greenery around chandeliers, or displaying fresh greens in your entrance adds a festive touch that reminds guests of this special time of year. Incorporating fresh greens on fireplace mantels, in centerpieces, or in an arrangement on a table in a seating area, brings the look of Christmas instantly to a room.

Other natural elements, such as pinecones, woody branches, and leaves from your own yard perhaps sprayed in gold or silver, adds contrast and sparkle when mixed with the evergreens.

The Christmas tree, decked out in so many possible themes, is probably the most cherished of all. We usually have a couple of Christmas trees in our home, such as the designer tree, as my children call it, is in the formal living room is one, and the children’s tree, often displayed in the family room.

One important thing to remember before bringing home a fresh tree, is to look at the space you intend to place it. You need the correct amount of room to make sure you can see and enjoy it during the holiday season

Christmas tree very merry.

Christmas tree very merry.

The Christmas tree need not be elaborate.; A fresh, full, aromatic tree decorated simply with lots of clear sparkle lights can be as beautiful as one adorned with many ornaments. Then comes the gilt — the gold and silver sparkle — the magic only this time of year you can excuse yourself of, and turn your home and tree into a fantasy setting.

Gold, sparkly, and shiny ornamentation on the tree and in you home, provoke atmosphere that captures the season. Shimmering holiday decorations brings a magical touch to Christmas and glamorize your holiday decor.

There are endless themes, color combinations, and unique ornaments available for decorating the Christmas tree, yet consideration should be taken of the overall room’s color, style, and personality when choosing the Christmas tree’s scheme.

I often like to retire some of my worn, tired holiday decorations while decorating the tree. Experimenting and adding new pieces to display in a new way can be fun and creative.  For most of us, the holiday decor seems to change from year to year, depending on our mood and schedule.

Whether you do it up big and hire a firm to go all out with decorations, or choose a sparse, simple look, or somewhere in between, creating a festive home for your family and friends during the holidays should be enjoyable.

At Christmas, make your home a visual, sensual special place that delights all who enter.After all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. May yours be merry and bright.