Dat Punk Timbo interview plan (comics)

(Editor’s note: Mild-mannered student and Escondido t-shirt designer by day, Ricky Fang flies through the cartooned sky at night. He draws girls, cartoon characters and comics. Other than art, he enjoys playing video games, listening to music, taking walks around the block and hanging around with friends. For more of the inimitable Mr. Fang’s DPT and such, check out his work at It’s about…

Art is not a thing

Art is not a thing; it is a way. Elbert Hubbard Desperate to restore a greater sense of beauty in my life, I was to discover a pulsating heap of it in an unexpected place—at the Oceanside Museum of Art. And while I can find beauty in the smallest crevice sprouting a delicate tendril flower, there comes a moment when searching for another’s vision is required….