Mrs. Walker Texas Ranger comes to town

Starting in a few weeks, The Grapevine will be rolling out several methods by which you can support the truest form of community journalism in San Diego County. Actual on-the-ground running, non-corporate, non regurgitated and press-release journalism, the Grapevine aims to connect on a personal basis with community interests, concerns and aspirations. To that end, one of the features for enthusiastic sponsors will be membership…

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Sergio Gutierrez going out with a big bash

Turn out the lights, the party is over for Sergio Gutierrez, a San Diego local musician and acrylic artist. Gutierrez¬†has been painting playing music in his studio on the grounds of Forgotten Barrel Winery at 1120 West 15th Ave Escondido, CA 92025¬†for over a year now. He intends to bring it all to an end with an art-and-music bash there from noon to 6 p.m….