Pauma Valley

Climate change challenges San Diego farms

Facing the heat of global warming, farmers in San Diego are trying to survive and build resilience through practice—and are pushing policymakers to keep up. At Pauma Valley, a flat stretch of crop- and rangelands at the base of the Palomar Mountains in North San Diego County, July is usually a month of hot weather and raucous growth—with lemons, avocados, blackberries, and peppers all flourishing….

Zip, zip and away at La Jolla Zip Zoom

La Jolla Zip Zoom features longest zip line in California… Think rainforest canopy, or raging river below, Hawaii and Puerto Vallerta. How about Rotorua and Queensland, New Zealand and Rixos, Turkey? Then, think rubber tire tubes and the La Jolla Indian Campground. What do these exotic locales have in common with the campgrounds at the foot of Palomar Mountain. Zip lines, of course Tthese long…