Baby giraffe named at SD Zoo Safari Park

Mother’s Day was a special day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. That’s when 1-month-old giraffe calf got her name after more than 18,000 fans cast their ballots in a week-long online voting campaign. Voters were asked to choose between two names – Zeena and Zahara, and by popular vote, the female youngster will now be called Zahara, which is derived from Arabic origins….

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World-Famous Chino Farm is just over there

Last week I made the easy trek to Chino Farm at Rancho Santa Fe. If the traffic gods are smiling, it’s just a short drive to the unprepossessing north San Diego County farm stand, where, upon arriving, if you didn’t know in advance you would never guess that anyone outside the immediate neighborhood has any idea the place exists. But, oh, do they ever. Thanks to patrons like…