Robert Irvine

Rosie’s Cafe back on Food Network Thursday

Rosie’s Cafe hasn’t had much success as an actual eatery, but it has become something of a cause celebre and a virtual hit on television thanks to TV makeover chef Robert Irvine and his Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” show. The televised journey into somethingness continues at 9 p.m. Thursday May 28 with a 60-minute special on The Food Network. Check your local listings for channels….

Kaitlyn Rose fundraiser odd mix of giving, TV

(Editor’s Note The block party-style event, hosted by stars of the restaurant makeover show, raised at least $119,000 for Kaitlyn Rose “Rosie” Pilsbury, 33, the owner of Rosie’s Cafe who was struck by a white Ford Explorer while she was riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle through Vista, according to KNSD 39/7 San Diego.) Got to give it to  to reality TV makeover chef Robert Irvine…

Food Network: Say it ain’t so, Rosie’s Cafe

After three years off the air, Restaurant Impossible returned to the Food Network Saturday, April 20 with a somewhat problematic visit to Rosie’s Cafe on Grand Avenue at Escondido. Food Network Gossip also covered restaurant makeover guru Robert Irvine’s highly eventful visit, but when the smoke from the kitchen cleared, with all due respect to owner Kaitlyn Rose, 32, and her enthusiastic foray into the…