WSA, the World Shoe Association trade show

Robynn Nussbaum and The Shoe Lounge

Robynn Nussbaum put her heart and soul into The Shoe Lounge. It was a small, yet elegant, haute couture footwear and accessory store she opened at Del Rayo Plaza across from Fairbanks Country Club. An avid tri-athlete and marathon runner with three young children and four step-children, the 44-year-old Rancho Santa Fe resident had a passion for shoes. She dreamed for years of opening an…

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Rush Limbaugh, Ray Bong, and Katrina lies

Rush Limbaugh: We’re back on the air at WWL AM 870 in New Orleans today. They’re getting back to normal in the city, and WWL is resuming normal operations, so we’re back. Ray, great to have you with us. Ray Bong: Hello, Rush… Ray “Ray Bong” Davis of Lafitte is my only friend crazy enough to be able to talk himself past hell’s palace guards, and…