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Congressman Duncan Hunter’s ‘Awkward Trump-Related Hill Encounter of the day’

“What I’m done with is trying to articulate or explain or answer for what Donald Trump says. I think he’ll be a great president. I think he’ll make good decisions on the economy, on the border, on national security, but it doesn’t mean we endorse what he says. I think what he says and what he’ll do are two different things.” — Congressman Duncan Hunter speaking…

Late Night: Seth Meyers v. Duncan Hunter

“Because man, or woman, everybody should be able to rip out the enemy’s throat; Duncan Hunter introduced his Draft America’s Daughters Act as a joke, but if it becomes law I think we all know who is going to have the last laugh.” — Seth Meyers. Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr.’s “sarcastic” amendment to a defense spending bill mandating women sign up for selective service, i.e….

Hunter’s ‘sarcastic’ bill to draft women passes House Armed Services Committee

Congratulations and kudos to Escondido Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. (Insert sarcastic label here.) Or rather ‘Gotcha’ as Politico proclaimed in a headline last week about his efforts. Last week, the House Armed Services committee passed a groundbreaking bill he proposed. It’s a measure that would change America as we know it should the full House pass it into law on the back of the…