Late Night: Seth Meyers v. Duncan Hunter

"A Closer Look" with Seth Meyers and Duncan Hunter Jr.

“Because man, or woman, everybody should be able to rip out the enemy’s throat; Duncan Hunter introduced his Draft America’s Daughters Act as a joke, but if it becomes law I think we all know who is going to have the last laugh.”

— Seth Meyers.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr.’s “sarcastic” amendment to a defense spending bill mandating women sign up for selective service, i.e. the draft, brought him talk show infamy this week.

First, Hunter came up for ridicule on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, That was Monday.

On Thursday, Hunter, and his misplaced legislative tactic that ended up backfiring, hit the major networks as Seth Meyer lampooned him for more than five minutes during his “Closer Look” segment that deals with political buffoons.

Hunter’s sarcastic proposal to make women eligible for the draft passed the House Armed Services Committee 32-30 with five Republicans joining Democrats who mocked Hunter during the meeting considering his amendment — he voted against it — and passed the darn thing.

Fist up is Meyer’s take on Hunter’s actions. That begins around the 6:53 mark and extends through the break at 12 minutes. After that, enjoy Noah’s lampooning.







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