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Beyer’s Byways: At San Pasqual Battlefield

One of the habits Laureen has when we travel, and I believe everyone should, is using her phone to search for interesting sites near us when we stop. No matter where we are, there seems to be someplace we haven’t visited or — in this case — never even knew existed. After visiting friends in San Diego recently, we stopped off in Escondido for fuel….

Where in the world is Skylar Peterson Tosic?

Skylar Peterson Tosic was last seen Aug 30, 2015. Please contact Escondido Police with info: (760) -839-4722 Or his family at (760) 705-5901 @FindSkylarTosic. The Fourth of July, Independence Day, has passed, and Skylar Peterson Tosic still is nowhere in sight. He’s gone, but not forgotten. “This has been the longest 10 months I have ever been through,” Olivia Tosic, his mother, said then. “Sky…

‘Price is Right’ goes wrong for controversial Southwest Sewer Realignment Project

Toxic waste below didn’t stop this project. Bids straight out of a “Price is Right” show gone wrong sure did. Based on the recommendation of Escondido Director of Utilities Chris McKinney, the Southwest Sewer Realignment project along Felicita Road, slated to begin this month, has gone back to the old fiscal drawing board. Bids were wildly divergent, ranging from $6.4 million to nearly $17 million….

Search for missing Escondido college student Sky Tosic remains deadly serious

Skylar Peterson “Sky” Tosic is being sought by family and friends following a puzzling, and disturbing, disappearance on Sunday, August 30, 2015. The missing 20-year-old Palomar College student disappeared at an area near the Wild Animal Park off Highway 78. That was the last place where Tosic reportedly was transported in an Uber vehicle. Before disappearing seemingly into the thin San Pasqual Valley air, Tosic…