Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine (Sid’s Place) and Cute Cakes

You know the drill at Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine.
Nick Hedayati

Nick Hedayati

Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine eat in or carry out, we do catering

Chicken Plus gets an A-Plus-Plus from the Well Known Eatress.

I had eaten at Chicken Plus in Escondido, on many occasions and had great dining experiences each time. Good food, good service with clean quaint atmosphere.

My colleague and I were greeted at the door with a friendly smile and welcome aromas.

The waitress promptly took our drink order. I had a Arnold Palmer and my friend had a diet coke.

The young man who greeted us came over to our table. I asked about the soup of the day . Turns out he’s the owner, Nicholas Hedayati. along with his dad Sid who started the place almost 20 years ago.

My choices were chicken noodle, lemon chicken, or lentil. Nick recommended a cup of each. When he inquired which soup we preferred, I could not decide. They were all great.

I asked Nick where the noodles were and he showed me thy were macaroni style. Then, he brought another heaping bowl with plenty of them.

Surprised, yet delighted, we thoroughly enjoyed the home made soups with a feeling of home, Greek style. Feeling satisfied, we then inquired about the just desserts.

More rice pudding, please.

More rice pudding, please.

The waitress enticed us yet again replying that they offered fresh baked apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate layer cake or “our special recipe rice pudding.”

The rice pudding topped off our tasty fun relaxing dinner. We will be back!

(Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine is at 309 W. Mission Ave. Call 760-480-1348 or visit for more information.)

Cute cakes for the sweet of tooth.

Cute cakes for the sweet of tooth.

Cute Cakes — Simply Delicious life is sweet, celebrate tastefully

Earlier, we stopped by the grand opening of Cute Cakes, the cake palace of Escondido. Man, it was amazing to see so many specialty designed cakes of all shapes sizes colors and motifs.

Big and bountiful to say the least filled to the brim with every style texture and design I could ever imagine. These sweets were selling like hot cakes, no pun, ha ha.

Checking out Cute Cakes.

Checking out Cute Cakes.

Preferred wedding venders showed off their splendors through and through a spacious interior. Not to mention a fabulous coffee, tea bar and menus to boot.

I am looking forward to treating again at Escondido’s grand opening cake stop.

(Cute Cakes is at 345 West Grand Avenue. Call 760-745-5278 or visit for more information.)