Escondido ‘Dream Team’ protests ICE raids

ICE protest sign outside Escondido Police Headquarters earlier Tuesday.
  • Several dozen protestors against immigration deportation policies rallied at Escondido’s Police Headquarters, then Escondido City Hall at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 26. Members of the San Diego Dream Team, sponsoring the protest, posted various real-time social media accounts, some of which are displayed here. They followed picketing with a community meeting in the evening at the East Valley Community Center.
  • San Diego Dream Team is an immigrant youth-led community organization based locally. Leaders say the Dream Team strives for a society in which all immigrant contributions are valued and all immigrants are treated fairly, equally and with dignity, leading individuals and families to live without fear within their communities. For more information, visit
San Diego Dream Team protest poster

San Diego Dream Team protest poster.

Poster for community meeting following City Hall picketing.

Poster for community meeting following City Hall picketing.

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  1. One important reason for orderly immigration is protecting the health of a country. If I visit another country as a tourist, my papers need to be in order to show that I have the proper vaccinations so that I don’t bring contagious disease into a country. I don’t think this is too much to ask for immigrants. TB, polio, VD, ibola and other health risks often come with immigrants whose countries have varying levels of health care, especially for their poor. How would you address this issue?

  2. They’re not protesting in front of City Hall. That’s the Police and Fire Headquarters on Centre City Parkway.

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