Meadow Lake Golf Course becomes new, shorter Boulder Oaks links

Boulder Oak

Escondido’s Meadow Lake Golf Course isn’t looking like its old self anymore. It’s a new, shorter course with a new name — Boulder Oaks.

When last we played through, the course ceased play in July. That was to implement a $6.2 million course renovation financed by the Metropolitan Water District’s turf removal program.

It’s all part of the plan to lure hitherto non-golfing golfers since the game has been declining in popularity as have course revenues.

Say goodbye to the old Meadow Lake, a par-72, 6,264-yard golf course caterpillar of a course known for blue tees, spectacular views and tough, tilted fairways obliterated through blind shots.

Say hey to the newly christened and tightened Boulder oaks, scheduled to re-open  this spring. It’s a par-70, 4,943 yard golf course from the blue tees with black tees set at 5,726 yards, 1,900 yards shorter than a pro course like Torrey Pines South that comes in at 6,650 yards.

Not only that, but for those who want an even simpler lie, Boulder Oaks white tees play at 4,377 yards and forward golds play at 3,774 yards.

Three holes have been removed and replaced by three entirely different ones. As befits the water agency grant, 70 of the course’s 140 acres of grass has been removed.

Project architect Dave Fleming performed the renovation honors. An East county resident, Fleming recently did the turf removal honors for Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club and Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

Meadow Oaks

Meadow Oaks

The new Boulder Oaks may not be for everyone, but it may be just right for the area and efforts to spread the love of golf lest the sport disappear, according to Fleming who termed it a “beginners and elders” approach to the game.

“I don’t enjoy a golf course that’s 7,000 yards,” Fleming, 70, said recently. “I have a regular foursome, and when I got out to play I want to have fun. We’ve got scoring opportunities all around this golf course. It’s going to be a great course for kids and for the older, retired people. It’s a golf course very suited to that community up there.”

Meadow Lake played on beginning in 1965. The centerpiece for Hidden Meadows, the course is less than two miles east of the Deer Springs exit off Interstate 15. With the California drought, it hadn’t been looking so hot lately with many complaining of its parched out look.

Owner Peter Kim and general manager Rex Choe went for the gold, in this case the MWD turf rebates in order to remodel the aging beauty.

“When we open again, conditions and service will be very important,” Choe said last month.

Kim, the owner, was anxious to open the course and recoup the lost green fees from the last six months.Many golfers hope he allows enough grow-in time to do the renovation justice and not turn off those who want to try an old course made new.

Newly christened Boulder Oaks Golf Club is at 10333 Meadow Glen Way, East Escondido 92029. Reach it by phone at (760) 749-1620 or visit

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