Eating ‘The Sandwich’ inside Roma Market

Not a very large footprint, each small aisle is packed with items from Italy as well as locally sourced.

Thank you for stopping by to read mmm-yoso!!!, a blog about food.  The episode you are about to read takes you to Escondido, where Cathy has ventured. Kirk and Ed(from Yuma) are out and about enjoying more exotic places. 

Heading back to the 15 freeway on Valley Parkway, there is a mall at the Northeast corner. Just behind the McDonald’s, this signage looked familiar.

It turns out there is a Roma Market in Pasadena which we’ve passed on our way from many Rose Parade float tests. This family market began in Boston after WWII, moved to Alhambra in the early 1950’s then settled in Pasadena and has now (in late 2014) opened a second Southern California Roma Market in Escondido.Not a very large footprint, each small aisle is packed with items from Italy as well as locally sourced.IMG_6149IMG_6623IMG_6624Wines, fresh fruits and vegetables, trays of Italian cookies and fresh basil are at the entrance.IMG_6137IMG_6665There are a few different areas of dried and imported pastas as well as fresh and frozen –made in store — selections also. We’ve had the cheese manicotti and tortellini and they each were wonderful.IMG_6139Pasta sauces as well as canned and shelf stable tomatoes are sold on the shelves. If you look back to those freezer doors on the right side of the above photo, also made in house and fresh and frozen sauces are available. Again, excellent.  IMG_6144There are a few other aisles of Italian staples and treats as well as closed door and open refrigerated sections. IMG_6625There’s a deli selling Roma Market brand premium meats as well as imported meats and cheeses…and, as any good Italian Deli, Baccala. Notice the bread in the back; it’s made here daily.IMG_6661IMG_6626Moving along, there’s a section of hot foods, a small menu board…IMG_6147Desserts, beverages (there’s also a Coca Cola Freestyle machine and an espresso/coffee area). Notice the small sign to the right, taped to the glass case.  IMG_6145Then, of course, there’s gelato.

Eat in the store. We did. Here’s a meal enjoyed last week.

IMG_6632IMG_6629Slice of cheese pizza ($1.95)  (If you shop here on a Monday, after 3 p.m. and spend $10, you can get a whole cheese pizza for $1.99). Fresh dough, fresh sauce, plenty of mozzarella.IMG_6639Notice the ‘hot foods’ photo above. Two links of sweet or hot Italian sausage with peppers and onions $4.95. Yep. made here. Wonderful, fresh, you can see a fennel seed in the cross section above. The two pieces are enough for a meal.  IMG_6634IMG_6635IMG_6637The Sandwich ($5.50) essentially a grab and go/no substitution deal.  Mortadella,  Mild CapicolaSoppressata (or some type of dry salami) and Provolone cheese. That’s olive oil on the fresh bread/hoagie roll. The simplicity of three meats, cheese, olive oil and fresh bread is wonderful.IMG_6650There is a pretty large dessert selection as well as coffees available. We were offered a sample of the gelato, any flavor and the pear…had pieces of pear in it. The tiramisu and orange are also excellent.  We’ll be trying the other flavors soon.

I am so glad we stopped at Roma Market and will do so at the original location in Pasadena, soon.

Roma Market  1054 West Valley Parkway Escondido 92025 (760)233-8003 open 8-8 daily WebsiteIMG_6656


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