Friends meet at Perks Coffee House

Perks Coffee Shop, San Marcos.

The TV series “Friends” may have had Central Perk, but here in San Marcos we have Perks Coffee House.

Perks Coffee House not only serves coffee, but also serves: teas, wine, beer, cocktails and food. It’s a place to go whether you are getting brunch with friends or cramming for exams. This coffee house caters to everyone.

Kassidy Clark/The Telescope

Kassidy Clark/The Telescope

Perks Coffee is conveniently located next to Cal State San Marcos, so you are bound to run into students from all over. Plus, the free Wi-Fi provides an excellent place for all students to study. It’s not a huge place, so it’s easy to strike a conversation with the person next to you.

This may just sound like a local Starbucks, but it is so much better. Besides the fact that they serve alcohol, they also have live music/open-mic nights every other Monday. It’s common to get a case of the Monday blues, but going to a live music night and getting a beer with your friends will make any Monday better.

Barista Selena Romano works at Perks Coffee house and loves being next to the university. She says that this has definitely helped the shop attract a younger crowd.

“I recommend the cold brew with half and half and vanilla,” Romano said. “Or if it’s cold out try our vanilla latte.”

With an abundance of choices on the menu, it won’t be hard to find something that you will like. Perks Coffee House also offers Happy Hour Monday-Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. During happy hour, pizza, draft beer, wine and cocktails are $1 off. You can find the drink menu on their website, but make sure you ask a bartender what is on tap.

Kassidy Taylor/The Telescope

Interior view of San Marcos’ Perks Coffee Shop Kassidy Clark/The Telescope

Although the coffee shop is on the small side, there are plenty of places to sit. There is a couch area, two bar areas, numerous tables and an outside patio. The way they have decorated the coffee house is very original and it definitely gives off a more modern vibe.

It may not be Central Perk, but the atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in an episode of “Friends”. It can easily become the go-to coffee house for anyone.

Perks Coffee House is not your typical coffee shop. Whether you’re in the mood for booze or brew, it has it all. And the best part is that it’s right down the street. Go out and give it a try at 803 S Twin Oaks Valley Road Suite 110, San Marcos, 92078.

(Kassidy Clark is a a third year journalism major at Palomar College who hopes to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall. She wants to have a career in writing for a high fashion or entertainment magazine in New York. She has always loved fashion, but became more passionate for it after walking in runway shows herself. This story originally appeared in the Palomar Telescope. For more visit

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