Bad hair day at En Salon

It just gets weirder from here.

This bit of Escondido-mania has blown up on social media since Wednesday. Desiree Bates of iHeartMedia sent me the “scoop” saying, “Thought I’d send this to you since it’s relevant to Escondido.”

No sale. I wrote her back, saying, “Whoa, what is this thing? Don’t think our viewers are into it though.”

Wow, was I wrong. This sucker has blown up all over the Internet. When I saw over 50 comments at the North County Concerned and Communicating Facebook page alone, I realized the video had legs. As of early Saturday, the video had nearly 2 million page views in three days.

Another reason I passed previously, was I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t staged. It seemed too weird that a random lady would become so outraged over something seemingly unrelated to her station. Was she purely random? Maybe she was the salon owner or a friend? We also don’t know what happened before.

Here’s the video, followed by an account from Bates at IHeartMedia’s ROCK1053 website. I may return to the scene of the — crime? — for a follow-up report. However, I’m not promising anything because that darn scene looked far to scary.

Incidentally, anyone wanting to visit En Salon may visit or call (760) 489-8368. En Salon is at 1348 West Valley Pkwy., Escondido 92029.

— Dan Weisman

Adam Cripe received a bad haircut at En Salon at Escondido  and when he went back to ask for a refund it turned into a verbal and physical altercation with a female customer.

Cripe went home and shaved his head after a bad haircut and when he returned to inquire about a refund he was confronted by another customer.

“The lady who was getting her hair cut comes around the corner screaming at me. She gets up in my face and says you’re uneducated, you’re a tattooed piece of s***.”

Then according to Cripe, the husband made comments

“And he said, ‘quit being sassy it will grow back.'”

Cripe claims that none of the employees said a word, nor did they try to intervene and he started recording the entire altercation because the woman got so aggressive and he wanted to prove that she was the one attacking him

“She starts coming at me accusing me of assaulting her, which you can see on the video. I never even touched her, I was holding my phone up, hands in the air”

In the video you can see the woman becoming more and more aggressive to the point of pushing and kicking him.

Cripe claims that the owner of the salon has offered him free haircuts for one year, but he plans on never returning to the salon.

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  1. I get my hair cut there on a regular basis and it’s always so quiet. I finally found someone who knows how to cut naturally curly hair!

  2. The people working at the salon should of done something! Ask the woman to calm down, or call the cops on her. She was a nut case! Horrible employees for doing nothing! I will never go there.

  3. Follow Adam Cripe on FB, for the full story about the woman’s identy & relationship to the salon.

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