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Ebenezer Scrooge just needs better PR

This must truly be a season for giving. How else can we explain giving our highest political office to a guy who is a lifelong criminal and putin traitor and lost by almost 3 million votes? I’m tempted to say “Only in America.” Or “Only for Christmas.” But that kind of thing happens from time to time in the Third World too. The way I…

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Poems and stories found in a box

    1. COME, THE REVOLUTION   Juan was at The winter solstice. But so was everyone. His last name Didn’t catch, Anonymously equal Under a setting sun.   Light comes from Many directions. Juanita from her skew line. Pablo across his fault-line Falling, falling, falling Towards wide white lines Covering ice-cream earth.   Fernando Real Knows nothing is real If you don’t feel It…