Countywide vote set for Lilac Hills Ranch

Area designated for Lilac hills Ranch should it be revived by county supervisor vote./File

San Diego County supervisors Tuesday officially placed the proposed 1,700 home Lilac Hills Ranch project initiative on November’s ballot for a countywide vote.

Supervisors voted 4-0 after hearing a County study outlining differences between the project ballot initiative that voters will consider and the project that County planners evaluated.

Supervisor Bill Horn, whose district includes the Valley Center area where the project is proposed, recused himself after the California Fair Political Practices Commission advised him he could have a conflict of interest because he has property in the area.

Supervisors said at their July 19 meeting that they were inclined to put the initiative on the ballot. However, they wanted the County’s Planning and Development Services department to put together an impact report for voters.

The analysis compares the initiative version of the project to both the County’s existing general plan and the version of the project that the County’s Planning Commission recommended the Board of Supervisors approve, with changes and modifications, in September 2015.

The 45-page report was made public July 29.

Lilac Hills Ranch’s backers submitted the project to the County for review and processing in 2012. After the Planning Commission recommended the Board approve the project with changes in September 2015, the project’s developer announced they would seek signatures to put the project on the ballot. The County’s Registrar of Voters certified last month that Lilac Hills had qualified as an initiative.

That gave the Board of Supervisors two possible actions under state elections law — to adopt the initiative project in whole, or place it on the ballot.

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