200-plus voters hit Issa, Hunter offices

Scene at Darryl Issa's Vista office on Monday, Jan. 31.

Around 200 constituents turned out to express concerns to Rep. Darrell Issa, who was not in attendance. Many called for an in-person town hall meeting.

Two separate Indivisible groups spent Tuesday demonstrating outside the offices two of the only remaining California members of Congress, Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-49th District) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-50th District). Smaller group met with managers of the respective pro-Trump congressmen.

Darrell Issa

This is the account provided by Sheryl Brown, a San Diego Indivisible coordinator:

“Approximately 200 constituents from Darrell Issa’s district showed up today at his Vista office to talk about issues that concerned them.

“The constituents represented a variety of grassroots groups such as INDIVISIBLE North San Diego County, INDIVISIBLE 49, the Sierra Club, Operation Veracity, RESIST, and Together We Will (TWW). Media from Channel 8 and the Union Tribute was covering the event.  (INDIVISIBLE North San Diego County had 78 constituents RSVP to attend.

Bill Christiansen, District Director, met with approximately 15 constituents that were leaders of local groups.  The participants did not feel Mr. Christiansen was helpful in communicating Darrell Issa’s position on issues they had and they plan to meet back with him next Tuesday to get answers to their questions.

Duncan Hunter

“Twenty constituents from Duncan Hunter’s district showed up at his El Cajon office today to talk about issues that concerned them.  On the agenda was, 1) the Affordable Care Act, 2) the “Muslim Ban,” and 3) a demand for an in-person town hall meeting with Duncan Hunter.

Mike Harrison, Deputy District Director, graciously allowed all 20 constituents into the office despite the fact that he had only planned on a meeting with 6 constituents.  The conversation was healthy and heated at times as constituents aired issues with the Trump administration and Rep. Hunter’s compliance with the agenda.

“The group left with several issues that still needed a response from Duncan Hunter.  They plan to follow up with Mr. Harrison and continue to stay in contact with Duncan Hunter’s office as the Trump administration moves forward.”

The meeting was called by INDIVISIBLE, North San Diego County, one of the 4,000 grassroots groups under INDIVISIBLE –  an organized group that is resisting the Trump agenda using a defensive advocacy strategy, as outlined in the Indivisible Guide.  Other groups and individuals not represented by INDIVISIBLE were also present.

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