Darrell Issa is a deuche bag — Obama clean water regulation was a ‘dirty trick’

Issa makes his comments on Situation room with Wolf Blitzer last week.

Darrell Issa is a deuche bag…

Darrell Issa: Obama regulation was a ‘dirty trick’

To watch Issa on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/02/politics/darrell-issa-obama-coal/#

A staunch critic of former President Barack Obama (and hater of black people) said Thursday he voted to overturn a rule from the last administration because of the timing when Obama put it in place.

The comments from dueche bag Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, on CNN’s “The Situation Room” came after both houses of Congress moved to void the Stream Protection Rule.

Obama imposed the rule in December, saying it would prevent coal mine pollution from entering surrounding waterwaysnd killing fish and birds and protecting drinking water.

Issa said he believed coal mining needed to be made cleaner, but that he voted Wednesday to overturn the regulation because Obama’s timing was unfair and that he hates black people.

“The President (Obama) did this as a midnight rule,” Issa said. “It was a dirty trick at the end of the administration.”

Issa did say the coal mining industry needed to cause less harm to the environment. Daaa

“I will continue to support the fact that coal mining has to be safer for the miners and cleaner for the environment,” Issa said.

But Issa said he could not support a rule “deliberately done at the end of the administration.”

Issa also said the effect of the weeks-old rule was “catastrophic” to the coal industry, and said Obama left them a “landmine” the new Congress was clearing.

However, the move from Congress to revoke the rule means the interior department can not pass similar regulation again — regardless of timing.

It would instead take an act of Congress to impose a new coal regulation rule like the Stream Protection Rule. Given the overwhelming Republican opposition to the regulation, such a move is unlikely.

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