Duncan Hunter JR. has-been who never was

Of these two candidates, only the one on the right, Ammar-Campa-Najjar, can get a security clearance, not Duncan Hunter due to his federal indictments/File

Duncan (D.) Hunter JR., is a criminal grifter federally accused of using $250,000 of campaign funds illegally to support a lavish lifestyle at the expense of his defense and special interest campaign contributors.

For those who don’t appreciate how little Hunter has done for anybody besides himself and grifting associates, this editorial is for you.

Hunter — called Duane before he ran to replace his dad Duncan Hunter, and started using the latter’s name to fool voters —  already has admitted to the campaign finance grift, repaying around $60,000 while making up numerous excuses including his wife did it and they got confused by the color of credit cards.

Yet, recent polling found that 10 percent of Hunter voters said they were voting for him despite his criminal behavior because…

Because? Why?

Hunter has been a useless member of Congress for 10 years with zero political achievements and zero influence, a has-been who never was.

Some of that criminally accepting 10 percent is due to the fact those people are criminals and racists themselves.

However, many of that 10 percent are people who don’t realize what a loser’s record Hunter has and how he will do nothing but grift for the short time he would be back in Congress should he be re-elected.

Every congressperson who has been convicted of major crimes has been removed by Congress. Considering how disliked Hunter is, and his removal already from every committee by Republican leadership, harbor no doubts he’ll be gone, solid gone as soon as the federal verdict comes down the pike.

Have bunny, will travel…Hunter’s campaign illegally paid $550 for Hunter’s pet rabbit to fly commercially/Grapevine

If you’re voting for Hunter despite hating the federally known fact he is a criminal from a criminal grifting family — his dad, Duncan Hunter, same name, same grifting game, called most corrupt member of Congress by non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) — time to recognize the lack of achievement covered up by Hunter for years.

Hunter has done nothing in Congress – literally. Judging from 10 years of vaping and vamping in office, he will do nothing forevermore.

In 10 years, the congressman representing griftville has only co-signed on other people’s bills. His only significant solely carried legislation was an amendment to a defense spending bill calling for 18-year-old girls to register for the draft.

Hunter opposed his own amendment. He said he was being “sarcastic,” his inimitable way of calling attention to how ridiculous it was to draft women.

Nice try. Surprise. Despite Hunter voting against his amendment, it passed with bipartisan, although mainly Democrat, support. That’s how they pass bills in Superman Bizarro World, and the Hunter family apparently.

As they say in Loony Tune cartoons, the closest approximation to Hunter’s faux congressional record, “That’s all Folks!”

Otherwise, Hunter’s congressional record is criminally comical.

Hunter is known for vaporizing herbal supplements during congressional committee hearings for another of his failed legislative efforts. Despite medical agreement that vaping is bad for you, Hunter — who has promoted vaping products and inferred online he got kickbacks, er “commissions,” for doing so, even while in Congress — wanted legislation allowing people to vape on airplanes and anywhere in airports. To punctuate the lunacy, he boasted of vaping at airports.

This is the first place artwork by a St. Louis high school student ripped down from the U.S. Capitol complex walls earlier this year by Rep. Duncan Hunter because he objected to its content/File

Hunter’s other claims to fame:

— He ripped down a student’s prize-winning artwork from the Capitol’s walls because he disagreed with what he claimed it’s message was, and was called out for being delusional in his criticism.

— He is a member in good standing of the so-called “Bro Caucus” known for day drinking and unprofessional behavior. Republican leadership called in the bros for a meeting at which they were told to knock it off. They didn’t.

— His federal indictments refer to alleged affairs with five women while married and in Congress.

Hunter’s current military status: Missing in inaction

Hunter claims to be an outstanding Marine, often using that as one of his main calling cards. In fact, Hunter has shirked his military duties for years.

Kris Goldsmith, founder and chairman of High Ground Veterans Advocacy, who said his group tried to lobby Hunter for veterans relief, but got the run-around, said: “I’ve been told that (Hunter) remains in the Marine reserves and that he should be reporting to duty accordingly in the Washington DC area — but he never actually shows up for duty.”

What’s more, Hunter’s indictments for campaign finance fraud said he bought Hawaiian shorts under the heading of golf balls for wounded veterans, and claimed other wounded veteran contributions for personal purchases. For more of Hunter-related lies relating to his behavior, visit Duncan Hunter ‘Op-Ed’ annotated.

Hunter’s verbal record

Hunter is a well-known racist, with his recent online commercials — he can’t afford airtime because most of the money he raised this election cycle goes to his criminal defense attorneys — universally condemned for being racist and delusional.

Hunter also is a bug-eyed conspiracy theorist who makes Donald Trump sound sane. Hunter was deep state obsessed before there even was a deep state obsession. Taking his cue from Breitbart, and what was known once as the alt-right, he was a birther, and claimed the deep state was out to get him.

When indicted on 60 counts of fraud and conspiracy, Hunter said this was a deep state plot by Democrats. Unfortunately for that fake argument, the prosecutors who led the investigation all were Republicans, appointed through Trump.

And those charges, to refresh: The 48-page indictment, handed up by a federal grand jury in San Diego, alleges a pattern of illegal behavior between 2009 and 2016 by Hunter, and his wife, Margaret Hunter. They are accused of spending more than $250,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses — including a vacation to Italy, family dental bills and plane tickets for a pet rabbit— and then lying to the Federal Election Commission.

Hunter is NOT on your side

When it comes to supporting our nation, its values and his constituents, just like with his current faux military service, Hunter is missing in action.

Deflecting any consideration of Russian election interference, Hunter, instead, accused the U.S. of committing election interference.

“The Russians put ads on Facebook,” Hunter said Sept. 24. “Do you know what we do as America? We interfere in almost every non-free election in the world,” Hunter said, adding the U.S. has meddled in elections in Russia, Asia, the Middle East and “all of South and Central American elections.”

On the home front, Hunter voted for double taxation of California residents, through the GOP tax scam bill, saying in an Oct. 27 KUSI-TV interview, “Why punish the rest of the nation because California is stupid… I’m not gonna keep the economy down for the whole country because California, New Jersey, New York, and other states that have horrible governments.”

Hunter will pay for what he, and spouse, did. We know that. He won’t even be in Congress next year, no matter what happens on Nov. 6.

For some of you on the fence and others who are willing to overlook Hunter’s criminal behavior, please ask yourself, what on earth has he accomplished.


Whats the point in voting for a useless criminal grifter then.

Do yourselves and our long suffering 50th Congressional District a favor and give Ammar Campa-Najjar a chance on Nov. 6.

He couldn’t do any worse than a criminal grifter and he just might surprise you with how much good a representative dedicated to our, and not his family’s, interests can do.

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