Ukulele Ray Christmas Ranch Sing-A-Long

Happy holidays from Ukulele Ray Masters/Ray
Escondido’s Ukulele Ray was a man of many faces, many names and many talents, always entertaining and many time surprising. Scroll down the right sidebar and you’ll see one of his “Only in Esco” cartoons he drew for The Escondido Grapevine.
Ray also drew the winter cartoon atop this story, which he captioned: “Harry didn’t always dress like ‘The Grimace!’ We moved to Escondido, so he could get away from the cold winters up north!”

This was Ray’s final bit of holiday music. Following that are some brief notes from his YouTube account, and another video of the same night shot independently. Following that is a bit more about Ukulele Ray and a few of his Grapevine cartoons.

Published on Dec 25, 2017

CHRISTMAS DOWN HOME at the RANCH with UKE! Nothing like the warmth and great times, with family and friends, at a gathering with food, music and love at Bheau View Ranch Private Estate in San Marcos, with a wonderful Christmas Party, Wine Tasting and sing-a-long! Awesome times! Special thanks to my friend Sarantis for providing some of this fun footage! UKE-it UP with HOLIDAY CHEER!

Published on Dec 3, 2017

No Copyright of Music Intended!! Christmas gathering at Bheau View Ranch with friends and guests in San Marcos, California!! This beautiful Ranch is available for Weddings, Special Events and Whatever your Heart desires, for more information, please contact Shera at Bheau View Ranch Private Estate.

Ukulele Ray does his bit to save water/File

Sharry R. Han, 58, Escondido CA.

S. Ray Han, better known as Ray Masters or Ukulele Ray, passed away on Friday, April 6, 2018 with his fiancé and her mother by his side.  He was born on February 17, 1960 in San Francisco, California.

Ray was an extremely talented soul, blessed in every way with entertainment in his blood.  He became a Chippendale exotic dancer sometime after high school, and then joined the United States Navy to serve his country.  He was a Navy Journalist during his 3 year Navy career.  He also was the creator of a very popular cartoon known as “Navy Beans” on the ship, which was one of many of his works while in the service.  Ray often played the guitar while in the Navy, but had an immense love for the ukulele (The Instrument of Love).  Soon after the military, Ray and Maria De Leon Han started an advertising/marketing company which became very successful for a number of years.

Ray was very passionate and so well rounded in every area of entertainment.  He was successful in many aspect of the business including:  Tap Dancer, Exotic Dancer, Guitar Player, Syndicated Cartoonist, Book Author, Voice Over Impersonator, Comedian, Excellent Publicist, Videographer and Cinematographer, He had his own Las Vegas Show, Singer and World Renown Ukulele Player.

Ray had so many talents and skills, he was the creator of the “Lunch Box Ukulele”, and license plate, cigar-box Ukes.  You often found him working on these projects for many of his friends and fans.

Ray had a diverse group of friends, including George Harrison of “The Beatles”, Drummer Alvin Taylor, Musician Fou Fou the Drummer from the movie “La La Land”, Musician Riki Hendrix and so many more.

Ray was survived by:

Fiancé Olivia Tosic and her extended family.

Maria De Leon Han

Son Brandon Alexander Han, Raymond Acosta

Daughter Stefanie Tucker

Grandchildren Elijah James, Hendrix Kal, Aubriana Rose

Siblings Deborah M. Han, Edward C. Han Sr. (Lorri) and eight children and ten grandchildren

David D. Han (Karen)

Rochelle McCraw (Allen) and three children

Ukulele Ray is also survived by numerous friends and fans around the world.



San Diego Reader’s tribute to Ray, by music writer Jay Allen Sanford, as told to by Ray….

Ray Masters, aka Ukulele Ray, Fender’s first sponsored ukulele artist and inventor of the lunchbox uke, passed away unexpectedly this week. A comedian and singer/songwriter with over a dozen album releases, he was known for covering everything from rock to reggae and country, as well as a Las Vegas musical/comedy/burlesque revue known as Ukapalooza. He was featured in a March 16 Reader article, “The easiest instrument in the world to play.”

Ray’s music has been heard in commercials for Campbell’s Soup, Rock Star Energy Drink, Captain Morgan, Chevrolet, Thomas & Friends, Hershey’s, Jack Flavored Rums, Fender, American Pinup Girls, Saddle Ranch Chop House, Folgers Coffee, and more.

“I would not be Ukulele Ray had it not been for George Harrison, who came to my home to view my ukulele collection.”

As a ukulele builder, Ray created the Lunchbox-A-Lele (combo ukulele and lunchbox) and the Warhol Soup-A-Lele (uke made from a Campbell’s Soup can), which have been displayed in art gallery and museum exhibits around the world.

“I’ve been creating and building cigar box ukuleles since 1981, when I was 21,” he told the Reader. “It wasn’t until 2001 when I was inspired to create a ukulele from a tin lunchbox. As a San Francisco native and street musician and artist, I entertained around the wharf area, between Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square, and began to perform on my creations, as well as sell them on the streets. This brought me a tremendous amount of publicity with articles in the San Francisco Chronicle and local TV news and talk show appearances.”

Ray was able to parlay all the press into a 2010 Las Vegas showcase, Ukapalooza, a musical/comedy/burlesque revue featuring Ukulele Ray & the American Pinup Girls that ran for six months at Tony Sacca’s Las Vegas Rocks Café on Fremont Street. “The show closed when the Las Vegas economy took a huge nose-dive that year. The show featured me doing songs saluting the American Pinup Girl from each decade, from the 1920s to present, like a hula girl, sailor pinup, bobbysoxer pinup, hippie girl, that kind of thing, along with my comedy and impersonations from celebrities of the day.”

The production ended up being his swan song in Vegas. “I came to Escondido after closing my Las Vegas show at the encouragement of my girlfriend and manager, Olivia Tosic, who felt that she could best manage my career from here, seeking bookings and engagements with Southern California as my homebase.”

After arriving in San Diego (where he first resided during Navy boot camp in 1980), Ray began teaching ukulele seminars and workshops and donating ukuleles to school programs and children’s hospitals through his Ukulele Ray Foundation. “San Diego, being a coastal city, with influences and elements of tropical culture all around, is a ukulele hub, with large, local ukulele clubs all over the county, boasting memberships into the 1,000s, collectively.”

He admits the uke life has been very good to him. “I’ve performed on stage with my friend, the great Jake Shimabukuro, I befriended and jammed ukuleles with George Harrison, talked ukuleles with friends Johnny Winter, Dick Dale, and Stevie Wonder, and I was backed on drums by legendary George Harrison 33 1/3 drummer Alvin Taylor. I’ve also shared the stage with Riki Hendrix [Jimi’s first cousin], Fou Fou [Ryan Gosling’s drummer from LA LA LAND], Don Teschner [Rod Stewart mandolin/violist], and Rick Bozzo [Meatloaf bassist], and I’ve made ukuleles for Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons, and Cheech & Chong.”

The author of the Hal Leonard music book Ukulele for Guitar Players, Ray points out that “Ukulele was the first instrument for a number of legendary artists, including Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Dick Dale and others.”

“It was also the first instrument picked up by George Harrison. I would not be Ukulele Ray had it not been for George, who came to my home to view my ukulele collection, and inspired and encouraged me to be a steward to the ukulele to help play it forward. This is the reason why I don the Sgt. Pepper motif, in honor and memory of George.”

RIP Ukelele Ray…

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