An Appreciation: Jim Eubank’s Woodpile at San Marcos Creek

“So out walking in the frozen swamp one gray day/I paused and said,/I will turn back from here./No, I will go on farther/and we shall see.” — Robert Frost, “The Wood Pile” That’s how I feel this day walking past the bowling alley in the 2002 way back machine. Seeing what I can see on a hot day by a certain San Marcos landmark. The…

Money Pit Drive Thru, San Marcos

 Jake and I were up in the Northland (aka North County) for a little errand. The little errand took much longer than we though it would and it was quite late by the time we got around to eating dinner. I did some Yelpy research and found a place called The Money Pit Drive Thru and decided to go there because the name sounded rad….

San Marcos Civics 101: Have committees, need members (Video)

San Marcos officials today were encouraging residents to get involved and make a difference in their community by applying for open positions on several city commissions and committees. Openings exist on the Community Services Commission, Planning Commission, San Marcos Community Foundation, Student and Neighborhood Relations Committee and Traffic Commission. The deadline to apply for each of these openings is 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec, 22. Appointments…