Carl DeMaio

50th Cong. Dist. candidates square off

Presenting, for your “viewing pleasure,” the Fox 5 News recording of the Friday, Feb. 7, Valley Center debate among the top four candidates to replace the disgraced Duncan Hunter as representative of California’s 50th Congressional District. Candidates include Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar who came within a few thousand votes in 2018 of beating Hunter in a district rated R+11 in party registration by Cook Political Report….

Carpetbagger Issa in, criminal Hunter doomed in 50th Congressional District

It’s a crappy day to be Republican Duncan Hunter. It’s bad enough that his wife has been flipped by federal prosecutors. Now it’s clear his own political party wants him gone. And there are more questions about his most recent campaign finance report. This morning former 49th District Congressman Darrell Issa held a news conference to announce his candidacy for 50th District seat held by…

Bottom feeding DeMaio carpet bags the 50th

Talk show radio host and quixotic conservative crusader Carl DeMaio has announced he’ll seek the 50th District congressional seat currently held by Rep. Duncan Hunter, despite living in the Rancho Bernardo area — outside the district. The law only requires that he be a resident of the state. Here’s a snip from the press release announcing his candidacy: Today longtime taxpayer advocate and Reform California…