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Kindergartener aims pellet gun at teacher (UPDATED — Boy suspended by school)

Thursday nearly ended with a bang at Oak Hill Elementary School when a kindergarten student reportedly showed up with a pellet gun and threatened his teacher and possibly other students. The unidentified 5-year-old boy brought the pellet gun in his backpack, according to Escondido police. He became upset during class, took the gun out of his backpack and aimed it at the teacher, police said….

Wild times in world of people behaving badly (Updated Dec. 10)

People were behaving exceedingly badly this month and it wasn’t due to the full moon, was there a full moon? North Escondido woman dead, husband flees scene, later discovered dead by suicide (Editor’s Note: Juan Garcia was found dead by police at his North Broadway home late Wednesday, Dec. 10. San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies entering the home to clear it of clues in order…