Felicita Road

Controversial Southwest Sewer Realignment project to flow soon

Environmentally challenged and beset by a bizarre bidding process, the Southwest Sewer Realignment project along Felicita Road “will begin soon,” Escondido officials said this week. “Construction on Escondido’s Southwest Sewer Replacement project will begin soon with completion expected by March 24, 2017,” Escondido spokesman Randy Manns said. “Motorists and cyclists should expect heavy delays – due to single lane travel – along Felicita Road between…

‘Price is Right’ goes wrong for controversial Southwest Sewer Realignment Project

Toxic waste below didn’t stop this project. Bids straight out of a “Price is Right” show gone wrong sure did. Based on the recommendation of Escondido Director of Utilities Chris McKinney, the Southwest Sewer Realignment project along Felicita Road, slated to begin this month, has gone back to the old fiscal drawing board. Bids were wildly divergent, ranging from $6.4 million to nearly $17 million….